What are the Most Common Injuries from Vehicle Accidents?

Operating a motor vehicle is dangerous and it is the single most dangerous form of transportation that we use on a regular basis. There are a variety of factors that could increase the chances of you getting into an accident, whether it’s drivers paying attention to mobile devices or terrible weather conditions. Vehicle accidents are becoming more and more common, putting plenty of people in hospitals and requiring the need of pain management. Knowing the most common injuries from vehicle accidents can help you to diagnose the pain that you could be feeling.

Soft Tissue Injuries

By far, soft tissue injuries are the most common medical ailments that people experience as a result of car accidents. These tissues include your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Whiplash is quite common as it occurs when the soft tissues in your neck and upper back stretch because of an unexpected collision. This could result in incredibly stiffness in the neck, muscle sprains in your back, and serious spinal injuries.

vehicle injuries 1

Cuts and Scrapes

Take a moment to consider all of the pieces of glass and metal that are used to create cars. These items can become projectiles when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, putting your body at risk for cuts and scrapes. All of the belongings that you have in your car are also at risk to damage your skin such as eyeglasses, GPS systems, and cell phones. In most cases the cuts and scrapes can be minor and require little medical attention, whereas others may require stitches.

Head Injuries

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There are a wide variety of different head injuries that can occur as a result of a car crash, some are minor and some are quite severe. When there is a collision, the driver and passenger’s heads are forced into unnatural movements at an incredibly fast pace. This can lead to muscle straining but the head itself can experience damage. You might notice scrapes, bruising, or deep lacerations. There’s also a high probability of suffering from a concussion or severe brain damage, depending on the severity of the crash and the movement of the head.

Chest Injuries

The majority of chest injuries that occur in accidents are as a result of a person not wearing their seatbelt or by being thrown into the steering wheel. Typically drivers will experience chest injuries as they are so close to the steering wheel, but airbags have also been known to injure passengers.